How to operate KX5BSA

Participation is the main reason for the STSRC existance and we are always eager to help scouts experience ham radio when ever we can. Below are a few frequently asked questions to help you along. Please contact us with any inquires regarding KX5BSA

What do I need to do host a KX5BSA radio activity?

First you must have a licensed radio operator who is a member of KX5BSA. If their is a local ham who is interested but not a memeber then he or she must joing STSRC so they can use the KX5BSA. Then the next step is to make sure the call is not already being used on the desired date by emailing us here. We will ok the use of the call as long as the above requirments are meet. It is recommended to start planning several months in advance for the event. There is alot of planning that has to take place to make sure that enough help is avaliable and all needed equipment is at hand.

Why should we use KX5BSA and not just a local hams call?

If there is a local ham that is willing to provide exposure for scouts then we are all for it. KX5BSA only is trying to making it easier for such events to accure. However there are some benefits. One is KX5BSA is a call that is recongnized by other hams as a "scout" station and all QSL cards (what is a qsl card) are handled through our QSL card manager meaning the operators do not have to deal with the hassel of printing qsl cards or answering them when they come in the mail. Also any scout who operates KX5BSA is eligable to receive a patch and as long as the scouts name is in the log as the one making the contact any qsl cards the scout recieves will be mailed to the point of contact for that particular event for them to receive. KX5BSA will provide a simple computer logging software and if logs are kept on paper they will have to be entered to software before we can handle the qsl cards. This is the groups who's using the call's resposibility.

What will the scouts gain from a amateur radio experience?

Amateur radio is a hobby that brings people together from all over the world. It truely is unique, many hams have life long friends all across the globe without ever leaving their own town. Radio is something that our culture is immeresed in, from am/fm, cell phones, remote game controllers, garage door openers. It is also the last link in communication in times of disaster which is a big part of why the Federeal Communication Commision protects it's frequencies. When power goes out, cell phone towers blown down etc... it is ham radio to the resuce. Even to this day the government leans heavily, in emergency prepardness regarding communications, on the ham radio community. Exposing scouts to ham radio will allow them to hear a bigger world and make them aware of a hobby that millions around the world enjoy.

Does it cost anything to use KX5BSA?

There is no fee involved for it's use, the only possible expense from KX5BSA is if your pack/troop chooses to buy a particpation patch from KX5BSA. The money from these patches go to help cover the cost of both the patch and the qsl cards and website. This is not a money making venture and the patch only cost $3.50 each.

I am a ham, can I help?

You bet! There is a lot of ground out there to cover and the more hams we have listed as members the better service we can provide. If you want to join KX5BSA then go the membership application. Membership basically means you are willing to help scouts as your time allows as a control operater of KX5BSA and you are will to be a source for others to find out information regarding Amateur radio and scouting.Click here to read about control operator rules.